Lifelong Education Bibliography 
Initiated by Ursula Giere 

The Lifelong Education Bibliography is published periodically to inform about publications on lifelong learning acquired by the Documentation Centre. 
The Documentation Centre would be grateful for any additional references of literature on lifelong learning. If you have spare copies of your publications on lifelong learning which you would like to see listed in this bibliography, please send us a copy free of charge. 

Please contact the Documentation Centre if you would like to receive regularly a printed version of the list. 

Issue No 56, 2000  71 kB 

Issue No 57, 2000  76 kB 

Issue No 58, 2001  72 kB 

Issue No 59, 2001  74 kB 

Issue No 60, 2002  75 kB 

Issue No 61, 2003  49 kB

Issue No 62, 2004  53 kB

Issue No 63, 2005  53 kB

Issue No 64, 2006  70 kB