Revisiting Lifelong Learning for the 21st Century

As the debate on lifelong learning resonates throughout the world, it is clear that there needs to be more discussion on how this concept will be put into practice. The rhetoric on lifelong learning has to be matched with evidence of how it works and how it will contribute to creating more humane societies. This booklet, Revisiting Lifelong Learning for the 21st Century is UIE’s contribution to this discussion. 

The  Fifth International Conference on Adult Education (CONFINTEA V) in 1997 and  the Dakar World Education Forum (WEF) in 2000 were two of the most recent conferences co-organized by UNESCO where the importance of lifelong learning was affirmed. We hope that this booklet will be used widely to push forward the CONFINTEA V and WEF agenda within the lifelong learning framework. It is our confident expectation that the growing demand for learning and  the new  paradigm shift encapsulated in CONFINTEA V will filter down to education systems of many kinds worldwide, thus affirming the triumph of learning as an essential tool, a right and a joy.