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  National Coordinator:

Name: Dr. Ibrahim Youssef El Abdallah
Ministry of Education
Address: P.O. box: 43
Phone: (+ 973 ) 680102
Fax: ( + 973 ) 680156

The State of Bahrain
Ministry of Education
National Report of the State of Bahrain
Education for All – Comprehensive Evaluation for the Year 2000
Addressed to
The International Advisory Committee for Education for All
Bahrain 1999 A.D

National Coordinators:
Dr. Ibrahim youssef El Abdallah / Vice Minister of general and Technical Education
Ministry of Education , P.O. box: 43 , Manama – State of Bahrain
Telephone: (+ 973 ) 680102 / Fax: ( + 973 ) 680156

Table of contents

Part I: Descriptive aspects
  1. Methodology followed in drawing up the report
  • Structure and organization of the educational system in the State of Bahrain

1-1 "Education for All": goals and objectives

1-2" Education for All ": strategies and action plans

1-3"Education for All": Decision making process and management

1-4" Education for All " main activities since 1990 A.D.

1-5Cooperation in " Education for All "

1-6Investment in "Education for All " since 1990 A.D.

Part II: Analytic Aspects

2-1Towards achieving "Education for All" 1990-1999 A.D. goals

                             Towards achieving "Education for All" 1990-1999 A.D. goals: cont

2-2Effectiveness of the " Education for All " Strategy , action plans and programs

2-3 Major current or expected problems

2-4Public awareness and national capacities

2-5General evaluation of progress

Part  III: Expectation and future visions