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11.1 The Strategic Goals of Government

The National Vision of the Cook Islands is :

"To enjoy the highest quality of life consistent with the aspirations of our people, and in harmony with our culture and environment."

To attain this vision Government has identified three Outcomes :

Social Progress is typified as :

"A nation of strong, healthy, well educated and caring citizens where there are greater opportunities for individual and community growth. A community that is committed to improving its social infrastructure, the delivery of public services and the care and management of the environment."

Strategic Result Areas have been identified to achieve all three outcomes. The education aligned Strategic Result Area is :

"A community that will achieve a higher quality of life by providing greater opportunities for increasing individual and community self reliance and growth in physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual wellbeing."

The Ministry of Education has identified 5 Sectoral Goals to achieve its Strategic Result Area :


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11.2 The Way Forward

The Cook Islands Party is the majority member of the present coalition Government. "The Way Forward" for education and human resource development is stated in the Party’s 1999 manifesto. The following is a summary of these policies.

The significant inputs made into education during the 1990s and the commitment of the government and people to social progress, provide a sound foundation for the future development of educational opportunities for all Cook Islanders.






Ken Matheson

Director of Planning and Finance

Cook Islands Ministry of Education


September 1999



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