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11. Major Trends of Development of the Primary Education in Georgia

In compliance with the Law on Education of Georgia, "the State announces priority of the education field and on this basis leads public education policy". Elementary education is the first stage of general education according to the reform program. The research and analysis identified several problems, which are crucial for the successful completion of the reorganization of basic and secondary education levels.

The majority of primary education teachers is of the pension age and should be replaced by young qualified specialists. The reform implies the reorganization of higher pedagogical institutions and improvement their efficiency in research and methodological activity.

The Ministry of Education and Teacher Training Institutes should ensure the following:

Definition of the content for elementary education, optimization of standards and creation of new curricula and textbooks on the basis of new methodology and technology.

Provision of children from disadvantaged families with free textbooks; The President’s Foundation delivered textbooks free of charge to schoolchildren throughout Georgia.

According to the Law on Education, "education is equally guaranteed to all". Nevertheless, a number of children are left out of school. They come from the most disadvantaged families and homeless children. The State should ensure the equal right of education for all children of the school age despite their social background. The expenditure should be allocated in the state budget. Allocation of 10% of the budget intended for the education reforms has still not been executed.

The reform should have a scientific and methodological support. Transformation of the education system and its orientation, based on the human, cultural and general education values of the modern world, requires creation of new methodologies in pedagogical sciences and practice, conduction of fundamental research in this direction. Need to renew the education contents requires the formation of the contents of subjects based on systemic, synchronic, didactic and other generally established human principles, conduction of research for creation text-books, methodological systems and etc.

The conception of moral, aesthetic, physical and labor education should be elaborated. The training process methodology and content should be harmonized with elaboration of education ways and methods. Teaching and education complex technological system should be based on unified principles of pedagogical process.


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