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Lavians characteristically exhibit a high level of involvement and participation in education; basic education is mandatory, secondary education is nationally funded and available to all residents.

Adult illiteracy and discrimination against women in education are not pressing problems in Latvia, and no future projects will be concerned with these issues.

The most significant measures to be taken in improving the educational system as a whole and, by extension, the "Education for All" program, are:

Taking into account the existing reforms and related problems, the "Latvian Educational Strategy 1998 – 2003" proposes the following as goals for the educational system in Latvia and, by extension, for the "Education for All" project:

Goals in the area of the protection of children’s rights:

Goals in pre-school education:

Goals in general education:

Goals in student progress evaluation:

Goals in implementing a "program of study" approach in general education:

Goals in effective administration and quality control in general education:

Goals in development of regional school boards and assuring their functional efficiency:

Goals in special education:

Goals in raising teachers’ salaries:

Within three years, by January 1, 2002, to enforce the provision of the 1998 Education Law, which states that the minimum salary for a teacher with the lowest level of professional qualification is to be no lower than the sum of two minimum monthly salaries.

To abolish ineffective spending of monies earmarked for teachers’ salaries and to add the monies thus saved to teachers’ salary funds.

Goals in specialty education:

Goals in teachers’ education and continuing education:


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