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Government policy

Niue, in spite of its limited finances, is proud that it educates all of its youth to 16.

Plans for the Future

Planning for the future, being ready to meet the needs of a population which is changing rapidly by the new technology and the drift to other countries. The vision for Niue education in the future is to continue to build up a system without barriers that is flexible and provides a strong foundation in the early childhood years. It will continue to build on the early years of compulsory schooling to form a seamless education system through to the tertiary level. Eventually, all courses of study will lead to national qualifications. This system will encourage more to continue with vocational education and training.

11. Policy Directions for the Future

It is recommended that Niue form a National Council to coordinate the activities of the EFA in the 21st century. Terms of reference are to be drawn up.


Although small in population, geography and economic resources, Niue has its own special place in the Pacific and the world and its people are committed to excellence in maintaining their culture in a modern world.


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