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  National Coordinator:

Name: Mr. A. Ahmad al Fakeer
Ministry of Education
Address: Damascus
Phone: 963-3313205/ 6664521
Fax: 963-4425410

The Syrian Arab Republic
Ministry of Education
The International Consultative Forum on "Education for all"
The National report of the Syrian Arab Republic
On "Education for All"
Year 2000 evaluation
Coordinator of the national evaluation: A. Ahmad al Fakeer – Director of the curricula and researches in the Ministry of Education
Address: Ministry of Education
Fax: 4425410 / Home: 6134464 / Phone:3313205/ 6664521

Table of contents

Part I: Descriptive Section

  1. Educational levels and definitions
  2. Part I: Objectives, strategies and work plan

Part II: Analytic Section

  1. Part II: Evolving towards the objectives, and setbacks Awareness, will, capabilities, and progress assessment

Part III: Prospects

  1. Part III:Expectations, and required changes
  2. Leading experience in the technology field