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  National Coordinator:

Name: Dr. Panom Pongpaibool
Office of the Permanant Secretary, Ministry of Education 
Address: Ratchdamnoen Nok Avenue
Bankok 10300
Phone: (66-2) 628-6151
Fax: (66-2) 282-0068

The Year 2000 Assessment

Part I Descriptive Section


Part 1 : History of the Education for All in Thailand

Chapter 1 Introduction

The Context of Education Management in Thailand

Problems of Education in Thailand

Chapter 2 Policy and Goals of Education for All in Thailand


Implementation of Plan of Action

Recent Achievements


Part II: Analytic Section

Part 2 : Results of the Implementation

Chapter 3 Definition and Methodology

Definition of the 18 Core Indicators

Method and Process of Data Collection

Scope of the Assessment

Chapter 4 Indicators Analysis

Quantitative Analysis

Provision of Education on the Family and Child Rearing

Early Childhood Care and Development

Primary Education

Secondary Education

Education for the Disadvantaged

Promotion of Litercy

Quality of Education

Development of the Student's Physical Health

Development of the Student's Learning Ability

Development of the Student's Ethics and Morality

Training in Essential Skills

Education for Better Living

Chapter 5  Summary of the Result of the Assessment :Weaknesses and Strengths

The Result of the Implementation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Part III : Future Plans

Chapter 6  Awareness of Government and Participation of Private Sector

Government Awareness

Supportive Factors and Limitations in the Provision of Basic Education

Limitations and Prevention