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  National Coordinator:

Name: Mr. Yevhen Polischuk
Ministry of Education, Institute for Content and Methodology in Education
Address: 37, Sagaidachnogo st.
254070, Kyiv
Phone: ((380-44) 416 35 33
Fax: (380-44) 416 83 36

Education for All 2000 Assessment
Kyiv - 1999
National Co-ordinator of Assessment:
The address: Institute of Content and Methods of Education
37, Sagaidachnogo st. / 254070, Kyiv - 70
UKRAINE / Tel.: (380-44) 416 35 33 /
Fax: (380-44) 416 83 36
Workin group:
K.Korsak / G. Stepenko / O. Lokshyna / R. Vsysotska
Contributors: M. Fomenko / L. Uschenko / V. Vorobiov / V. Pokas
D. Bachev / G. Naumenko / Y. Zavalevsky

Ministry of Education of Ukraine and the working group express their gratitude to UNDP Resident Representative Ukraine for the assistance in the preparation of the National Report of Ukraine the EFA 2000 Assessment.

Printed in Ukraine


Part I. Descriptive section


1. Analysis of processes in the system of education in Ukraine of the 90s


Description of the processes in 1990-1999

  1. Goals and targets of "Education for All"
    1. The Jomtien Declaration and education in Ukraine in 1990
    2. Factors of effect upon target dimensions of the Declaration in Ukraine of the 90s
  2. Strategy of "Education for all" and plan of actions in Ukraine
  3. Decisions making and management
  4. Co-operation in the sphere of education for all
  5. Investments into education for all since 1990

Part II: Analytic section


6. Fulfillment of goals and targets (1990-1999)

6.1Evolution, state and trends of changes of pre-school educational system in Ukraine

    6.1.1 General remarks

    6.2.2 Quantitative parameters

6.2 Evolution, state and trends of changes of the system of primary education in Ukraine

6.2.1 General remarks

    • Indicators of primary education in Ukraine and indicators of UNESCO
    • Contents of education in elementary schools of Ukraine
    • European and Ukrainian standards of primary education
    • Enrolment evolution of elementary school in Ukraine

6.3 Evolution, state and trends of changes in the system of basic education in Ukraine

6.3.1 General remarks and terminology

6.3.2 Curricula of the basic school

6.3. 3General statistical data on the basic education

6.4 Financing of education for all in Ukraine

6.4.1 Educational budget

6.5 Teachers and students in the system of basic education for all

6.5.1 General remarks

        General remarks: cont

6.5.2 Qualification of teachers

6.5.3 Repeaters and teaching efficiency

6.5.4 Literary level of the population

7. Efficiency of strategy, plans and programs of "Education for all"

8. The main problems of evaluation

9. Public comprehension, political freedom and national possibilities

Part III: Prospects

10. Future political developments