The EFA 2000 Assessment: To know more about the EFA movement
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Name: Mr. Robert Mace
International Relations Division, Department for Education and Employment
Address: Caxton House, Tothill Street, Westminister
London SW1H 9NF
Phone: (44)171-273-5145
Fax: (44) 17 273 5890

The Year 2000 Assessment


Part I Descriptive Section


Structure of the UK Education System

Dimension 1: Expansion of early childhood care and developmental activities, including family and community interventions, especially for the poor, disadvantaged and disabled children.

Dimension 2: Universal access to and completion of basic (compulsory) education

Dimension 3:Improvement in learning achievement

Dimension 4 & 5: Reduction of adult illiteracy and expansion of basic education and training in other essential skills

Dimension 6: Increased acquisition of the knowledge, skills and values required for better living and sound and sustainable development made available through all education channels (including the mass media, social action, with effectiveness assessed in terms of behavioural change)

Part II Analytic Section

Statistica Summary

EFA indicators

        EFA indicators: cont. 1

      EFA indicators: cont. 2

       EFA indicators: cont. 3

       EFA indicators: cont. 4