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  National Coordinator:

Name: Mr. Abdallah Ali Mohammed Saad Al Hammam
Ministry of Education and Teaching, Teaching department
Address: PO Box 11115
Phone: 967-1 619 036 / 619 039
Fax: 967-1 619489

The Republic of Yemen
The Ministry of Education and Teaching
Name of the state: the Republic of Yemen
Name of the national coordinator: Abdallah Ali Mohammed Saad Al Hammam
Address: the Ministry of Education and Teaching- Teaching department
Telephone Number: 619 036- 619 039 / Fax number: 009671/619489
"In the name of God the merciful"


Part I: Descriptive Section




Section one: education for all, educational policies and the objectives to achieve them:

1. the objective of education for all

1-2 the general strategic objectives

1-2-1 the qualitative objectives

1-2-2 basic education

1-3 the five-year plan (1996-2000)

1-3-1 the strategies, the objectives and the policies

1-3-2 the main policies of the plan

1-3-3 the objectives of the plan in terms of figures (1996-2000)

1-3-4 the quantitative objectives of the plan

1-4l iteracy training and adult education

1-5 the national strategy for literacy training and adult education in Yemen

1-5-1 basis and principles of the strategy

1-5-2 objectives of the strategy

1-5-3 the implementation phases of the strategy

1-6 the population plan of action (1990-2000)

1-7 the strategy of girls’ education

2 the strategy and plan of action of education for all

3 decision making and management

4 the main activities of education for allsince 1990

5 cooperation for education for all

5-1the partners in education for all

5-2financing basic education for all

5-3cooperating with the United Nations organizations

6 investing in basic education since 1990

Par II: Analytic Section

 Section two: progress towards achieving the objectives of education for all

7-1 early childhood care and development activities

7-2 spreading the enrollment in basic education and continuing it by the year 2000

7-4 public investment in education

7-5 teachers for basic education

7-6 education efficiency

7-7 retention rates until the fifth grade and coefficient of competence

      1. retention rates until the 8th grade of the basic education
      2. coefficient of competence at the end of basic education
      3. retention rates in fifth grade for 1990
      4. efficiency rate until the fifth grade
      5. retention rates in primary grades (1-6)
      6. retention rates until the 8th grade of basic education
      7. literacy training (indicators 16-17-18)

8.the efficiency of education for all strategy. planning

    1. results and achievements

9.main problems, political management and national capabilities problems expected to last

10.public support, political will and national capacities for a better life

Part III: Prospects

12.future expectations and strategies