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Early Childhood Care and Development
Author: Robert Myers / Co-ordinating agency: United Nations Children's Fund

I. Introduction

A. Origins and purposes of this report

B. Methodology

C. A note on terminology

II. Changing Demographic, Economic, Social and Political Contexts

A. Continuing Shifts

B. The 1990s

III. Tendencies: The Changing Status of Children and of ECCD Enrolments

A. Changes in Children

B. Changes in Enrolment

1. Data

2. Cautions

3. Tendencies

IV. Tendencies: Changes in Conditions Affecting ECCD Programming

A. Changes in the Knowledge Base and Conceptual Shifts

B. Changes in Attitudes and Awareness

C. Changes in Policies and in Legal and Legislative Frameworks

D. Changes in the Availability of Resources

E. Changes in Organisational Bases

F. Changes in Programme Strategies and Quality

V. Problems and Proposals: Where do We Go From Here?

A. Weak Political Will

B. Weak Policy and Legal Frameworks

C. Uniformity

D. Lack of, or Poor Use of Financial Resources

E. Poor Quality

F. Lack of Attention to Particular Groups

G. Lack of Co-ordination

H. Narrow Conceptualisation

I. Where Should We Concentrate?

VI. In Closing: Thoughts On the Role of International Organisations


Appendix 1: Survey of Knowledgeable People in the Field of ECCD

Appendix 2: Effective Projects and Programmes

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