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Achieving Education for All: Demographic Challenges
Author: Maria Teresa Siniscalco Schleicher / Co-ordinating agency: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization


1. The role of education in the context of population growth and development

Population growth becomes an issue

Population and development in the international debate

The interplay between demographic and economic trends

The impact of education on population dynamics

Education as goal and means to sustainable development

Beyond numbers: population as people

2. The demographic challenge to education for all

Global progress towards universal basic education

Expanding primary education against demographic pressures

The uphill struggle to reduce the out-of-school population

Basic education beyond primary school

Declining illiteracy rates, constant numbers of illiterates

Towards educational equality

Internal efficiency of education systems

Pupil-teacher ratios

Investment in education

3. A closer look at half of the world population

Progress towards primary education for all

The remaining efforts to achieve universal primary education

4. Looking towards the future

Harmonising quantity and quality

Assessing learning achievement

Striving to fill the remaining gaps

Allocating more resources to basic education

Instilling the spirit and goals of education for all in the whole society

Moving towards a more co-operative and united world


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