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School Health and Nutrition
Authors: Cheryl Vince-Whitman, Carmen Aldinger, Beryl Levinger and Isolde Birdthistle / WHO Project Officer: Jack Jones / Co-ordinating agency: World Health Organization

Part I



Executive Summary

Part II Findings

I. Introduction: The Link Between Health and Learning

II. Research Highlights from the Past Decade: What Strategies Are Effective? (cont. 1)

III. Looking Forward: Suggestions for EFA 2015 Basis of Findings (cont. 2)

IV. Looking Back: The Status of School Health Leading up to Jomtien (cont. 3)

V. Conceptual Frameworks: The Principles that Drive Action (cont. 4)

VI. Major Global Trends: Developments since Jomtien (cont. 5)

Part III Figures ( not available)

I Examples of the Evidence of Effectiveness of School-Based Interventions

- Examples of the Evidence of Effectiveness of School-Based Interventions cont. 1

II Illustrative Roles that Educators and their Collaborators Can Play to Address selected Health Issues

III Selected Online Resources for School Health

IV Highlights of Major Regional Trends and Activities, Barriers, and Future Actions for School Health and Nutrition

V Selected International Conferences that Addressed School Health and Nutrition



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