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Ten years of education
under scrutiny
  How many children are out of school in Sierra Leone, devastated by a brutal civil war? How is AIDS affecting schooling in Zimbabwe? What was the impact of the recent economic crisis in Asia on education? What is being done to help the millions of Americans and Europeans who have serious problems reading to their children?
  To answer these and many more questions crucial for sound policy-making, education specialists in some 180 countries around the world have been working against the odds in the past year to realize the global EFA 2000 Assessment. This ambitious exercise takes place at a time when there are 850 million illiterate adults in the world and when some 100 million children have no access at all to school, while millions more are dropping out or learning little if they do attend.
  This section includes lots of information on this unprecedented exercise. It explains the importance of the Assessment, its organization and how it was carried out.
  To know about the results of the EFA 2000 Assessment, visit the country EFA reports.
  Finally, this section gives you information on the six regional meetings that examined country findings and made recommendations to the World Education Forum
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