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  What are the regional Education for All meetings?
    In the run-up to the World Education Forum, six regional preparatory meetings took place between December 1999 and February 2000. The aim was to examine country findings of the EFA 2000 Assessment and to make recommendations for future action. The calendar was as follows:
Date: 6-10 December 1999
    Venue: Johannesburg, South Africa
 Sub-Saharan Africa Conference, organized back to back with the biennial conference of the Association for Development of Education in Africa (ADEA)
 Regional Action Plan
Date: 17-20 January 2000
  Venue: Bangkok, Thailand
 Regional EFA meeting for Asia and the Pacific
 Regional Action Plan
Date: 24-27 January 2000
  Venue: Cairo, Egypt
 Regional EFA meeting for the Arab States and North Africa
 Regional Action Plan
Date: 31 January 2 February 2000
  Venue: Recife, Brazil
 Ministerial review meeting of the nine high-population countries (E-9)
 Regional Action Plan
Date: 6-8 February 2000
  Venue: Warsaw, Poland
 Regional EFA meeting for Europe and North America
 Regional Action Plan
Date: 10-12 February 2000
  Venue: Santo Domino, the Dominican Republic
 Regional EFA meeting for the Americas
 Regional Action Plan
    The meetings were organized by ten regional technical advisory groups run by staff in regional offices of UNDP, UNESCO, UNFPA, UNICEF and the World Bank. Taking into account the local socio/political and economic circumstances, the regional groups developed specific regional agendas, which will help to motivate decision-makers to make new commitments and elaborate new strategies to accelerate the Education for All process. They were also responsible for producing a regional synthesis report, which will be available online by the end of March 2000.
    The regional meetings had four objectives. They:
reviewed statistical evidence from country reports on educational development since 1990;
looked at challenges in the years to come, including economic, social, demographic and environmental issues
commented on the draft Framework for Action to be adopted at the World Education Forum
formulated regional action plans
    Each meeting gathered some 250-300 participants, including:
Official representatives from the Ministries of Education, Social Affairs, Labour, etc.
Education decision-makers, specialists and policy-makers
United Nations and bi-lateral donor representatives
Non-governmental organizations, private enterprise, community groups etc.
Representatives from teachers, learners and parents
Key personalities
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