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  List of Participants 08.02.2000
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 LITHUANIA Ms Vaiva Vebraite, Vice-Minister of Education
Mr Gjorgji Ilievski, Undersecretary for Primary Education, Ministry of Education Ms Liljana Samaradziska-Panova, Deputy Director of the Institute of Pedagogy
  Ms Emilia Stavridis, Senior Adviser in the Department for International Co-operation, Ministry of Education
 MOLDOVA Mr Vladimir Gutu, State University of Moldova
  Mr Valeriu Cabac, Pro-Rector, State University of Belc
  Ms Tamara Cazacu, Ministry of Education and Science
  Mr Mihail Paiu, Head of the Department of Reforms and Informational Assistance, Ministry of Education and Sciences Svetlana Krupnik, Leading Expert, Ministry of Education
 NETHERLANDS Mr Hans Stegeman, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science
  Mr Nico van Ouderhoven, International Child Development Initiatives
 NORWAY Ms Brigitta Nass, Director of Personnel, Ostfold University College
  Ms Else Husa, Adviser, Ministry of Education, Research and Church Affairs
POLAND Mr Miroslaw Handke, Minister of National Education, President of Polish Delegation
Mr Wilibald Winkler, Undersecretary of State in Ministry of National Education
Mr Jerzy Blazejowski, Supreme Council of Higher Education
  Ms Elzbieta Borkowska, Central Examination Committee
  Mr Stefan Jurga, Rector Adam Mickiewicz University
  Mr Stefan Kwiatkowski, Institute of Educational Research
  Ms Magdalena Mazinska, Director of the Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of National Education
  Mr Ryszard Mosakowski, Secretariat of Science and Education, Solidarnosc Trade Union
  Mr Piotr Skrzypecki, Regional School Superintendent
 PORTUGAL Ms Ana Benavente, Secretary of State in Ministry of Education
Mr Paulo Abrantes, Director of Deptartment of Primary Education
Ms Márcia Trigo, National EFA Co-ordinator
 ROMANIA Mr Victor Iancu, Secretary General, Romanian National Commission for UNESCO
Mrs Anca Butuca, Adviser, Ministry of National Education
Mr Victor Paunescu, Adviser, Ministry of National Education
Mr Alexander Kondakov, Deputy Minister of Education Mrs Vera Emelianova, Head of the Education Department, Pskov
  Ms Lubov Kezina, Head, Moscow Education Committee
  Ms Margarita Leontieva, Ministry of Education
Ms Galina Myslivskaja, Councellor, Embassy of the Russian Federation
Mr Vladimir Sokolov, Deputy Secretary General, National Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO
 SLOVAKIA Mr Ján Galbavý, Section Director General, Ministry of Education
Ms Ludmila Šimcáková, Project Co-ordinator, Institute of Information & Prognoses on Education
 SLOVENIA Mrs Marija Peronja, Vice-Minister, Ministry of Education
 SPAIN Mr José Martlnez Garcla, Vice-Director, Ministry of Education and Culture
  Mrs Alba María Alonso Benito, Adviser on Adults Education, Ministry of Education and Culture
  Ms Clara Barreiro, Advisor on Education at the Spanish Permanent Delegation at the UNESCO
  Ms Josefina Cambra, Director of the Comunication, Universal Forum of Culture - Barcelona 2004
 SWEDEN Mr Torgny Danielsson, Member of Parliament, Swedish National Commission for UNESCO
  Ms Katarina Björk, Student Representative, Member to the Swedish National Commission for UNESCO
  Ms Ingrid Hellbäck-Tolander, Ministry of Education and Science
  Ms Carina Lindén, Senior Administrative Officer, Ministry of Education and Science
  Ms Ulla-Stina Ryking, Senior Administrative Officer, Ministry of Education and Science
 SWITZERLAND Mr Pierre Luisoni, Adjoint du Secrétaire général, Conférence suisse des directeurs cantonaux de l'instruction publique
  Mr Pier-Angelo Neri, Président, Association Lire et Ecrire, Comite suisse de lutte contre l'illittrisme
 TURKEY Mr Ata Tezbasaran, General Director of Primary Education, National EFA Co-ordinator, Ministry of Education
  Mrs Esin Fenercioglu, Ministry of Education
  Mrs Zühal Gökçesu, Head of Department, Ministry of Education - General Directorate of Foreign Relations
  Mr Mehmet Ali Haspolat, Head of Department, Ministry of Finance
  Ms Ayla Oktay
 UKRAINE Ms Alexandra Savchenko, Deputy Minister of Education
  Ms Marianna Bosenko, Director, Grammar School No. 48 in Kiev
Mr Robert Mace, Head, International Education Division, Department for Education and Employment
  Mr John Aslen, National EFA Co-ordinator, International Relations Division Department for Education and Employment
  Mr Peter Lavender, Director, National Organization for Adult Learning
  Ms Margaret Wendy Scott, Chief Executive, The British Associacion for Early Childhood Education
 USA Mrs Norma Cantu, Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights, Department of Education
  Mr Sam McKee, Director for International Affairs, Department of Education
Mr Warren L. Mellor, Senior Programme Specialist Mr Marc Gilmer, Director
  Ms Raymonde Griswold, Assistant
  Mr Olve Holaas, Associate Expert in Education
  Ms Teresa Murtagh, Assistant Program Specialist
 UNDP Mr Matthew Kahane, UN System Resident Representative and Co-ordinator in Poland
Mr Piotr Mazurkiewicz, Programme Specialist, Warsaw Office
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