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No. 17
Welcome to the electronic news bulletin board of UNESCO's Education Sector, informing you about UNESCO's activities in the field of education and in particular the follow-up to the World Education Forum in Dakar (April 2000). Please forward it to other interested colleagues.

Contents (14 February 2001)

---> UNESCO invites NGOs to discuss global initiative on EFA

---> Experts to assess funding needs in education

---> 2001 Annual Meeting of the Collective Consultation of NGOs on Literacy and EFA

---> Latin America and the Caribbean: Partners to co-ordinate EFA-related efforts

---> The Pacific: Series of meetings to stimulate Dakar follow-up process

---> The Caucasus: Network of the Pedagogical Institutes to discuss Dakar follow-up

---> Nine High-Population Countries (E9): China hosts conference in August 2001

---> Central Africa: NGO consultation launches network on EFA

---> Countries in action for EFA (in this issue: Lithuania)

---> Dakar on the agenda


UNESCO invites NGOs to discuss global initiative on EFA

UNESCO is organizing a consultation between non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and representatives from bilateral and multilateral organizations on the global initiative on 2 March 2001 at UNESCO's headquarters in Paris. The consultation is part of the follow-up to the mandate given to UNESCO in Dakar to co-ordinate a global initiative aiming at mobilizing the resources needed to provide effective support to national efforts in the achievement of the goals of Education for All by the years 2005 and 2015.

The consultation will build on the discussions and decisions of the expert meeting of bilateral and multilateral organizations planned to take place 28 February-1 March 2001. The debate will be based on UNESCO's recent discussion paper entitled 'Development Partner Cooperation in Support of Education for All: Rationale and Strategies', currently being discussed with partners. A draft version is available at

If your organization is interested in participating, at its own cost, in the 2 March consultation, please send a reply by email before 20 February 2001, confirming the name of the participant, who will represent your organization.

Contact: Susanne Schuttgen, UNESCO Paris


Experts to assess funding needs in education

The UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) is planning an Expert Group meeting 12-13 March 2001 to help bridge knowledge gaps about the financing of education. An important focus of the meeting will be to examine the possibility of determining the levels of resources needed to ensure adequate education for all and the most effective use of these resources.

The Expert Group will comprise leading national and international specialists from institutions that collect education-finance data or make extensive use of it. It will provide an opportunity to present the findings of an important strategy paper prepared by UIS on the challenges of improving finance indicators, and will be invaluable in defining the roles of UIS and other partner agencies in pursuing alternative data-collection strategies. The meeting will be followed by a report published later this year.

Contacts in UIS: Doug Lynd ( or Albert Motivans (

2001 Annual Meeting of the Collective Consultation of NGOs on Literacy and EFA

The Collective Consultation of NGOs on Literacy and Education for All (CCNGO/EFA), is planning to hold its 2001 annual meeting in Kathmandu, Nepal, from 6 to 9 April 2001, back to back with the EFA ministerial regional meeting for South Asia (10-12 April 2001).

The objective of the meeting is to develop strategies and concrete proposals for action on how the UNESCO-NGO partnership programmes can most effectively contribute to the implementation of the Dakar Framework for Action worldwide. The meeting will also adopt revised rules and working procedures and put in place a steering committee to co-ordinate the programme's activities and to represent the CCNGO/EFA in the follow-up to Dakar.

A number of NGOs will be mandated to present the results of their deliberations to the EFA subregional meeting. NGOs interested in receiving an invitation should contact the programme co-ordination team by email:

Regional up-date on EFA activities

Latin America and the Caribbean: Partners to co-ordinate EFA-related efforts

The recent inter-agency meeting for co-ordinating the Dakar follow-up strategy in Latin America and the Caribbean underlined the value and necessity of creating synergy in their EFA-related efforts. The meeting held at World Bank headquarters in Washington D.C., 1-2 February 2001, decided to expand co-operation amongst the thirteen participating organizations (comprising bilateral and multilateral donor agencies and development banks) in two core areas: communication and information related to EFA and the co-ordination of national and regional efforts.

Communication and information activities include a mapping of ongoing EFA-related regional activities, preparation of EFA kits aiming at different target groups, organization of regional meetings with EFA key players, identification of EFA goodwill ambassadors and the setting up of an EFA website for the region.

Co-ordination activities include the analysis of existing national education plans, integration of new EFA initiatives into existing ones (such as the EFA flagship programmes) and the establishment of EFA thematic groups at the country level which could link with national EFA forums.

The decisions of the meeting will be presented to the Ministers of Education at the Seventh Meeting of the Regional Intergovernmental Committee of the Major Project in Education in Latin America and the Caribbean (PROMEDLAC VII) to be held 5-7 March 2001 in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

The next meeting of the inter-agency group will be held in September 2001 but the group will continue to communicate virtually. Contact: Ana Luiza Machado, Director, UNESCO Santiago

The Pacific: Series of meetings to stimulate Dakar follow-up process

As the office responsible for co-ordinating Dakar follow-up in the Pacific region, UNESCO Samoa is organizing a series of meetings on EFA in the coming months.

Directors of Education in the sixteen Pacific Member States will be briefed on Dakar follow-up from 12-16 February 2001 in Samoa. The meeting will discuss the assistance needed by each country to move ahead with national forums and national plans of action, and decide on timeline and target dates for 2001.

Bilateral agencies and key United Nations agencies working in the Pacific will meet 2-6 April in Samoa to identify regional and national priorities in the Dakar follow-up and to request funding and other support to accelerate the process.

UNESCO and the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat are co-organizing a meeting of Pacific Ministers of Education, 4-6 May in Niue, to brief them on latest developments in the Dakar follow-up process and to call for support of officials doing the work.

UNESCO's Institute for Statistics is planning a workshop in the collection and management of educational statistics, 11-15 June, in Fiji, and finally, 13-17 August, a consultation of Pacific National Commissions to UNESCO in Niue, will receive a briefing on progress made in implementing the Dakar Framework for Action in the region.

Contact: Edna Tait, Director, UNESCO Samoa
E-mail: or

The Caucasus: Meeting of the Network of the Pedagogical Institutes to discuss Dakar follow-up

The new Network of the Pedagogical Institutes of the Caucasus region will organize a meeting from 16-18 May 2001 in Baku, Azerbaijan to discuss, inter alia, the implementation of the Dakar Framework for Action in the region.

The Network includes so far the pedagogical and language institutes of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, and the initial phase is co-ordinated by the Tbilisi Pedagogical University.

Contact: Alexandre Sannikov, UNESCO Paris

Nine High-Population Countries (E9): China hosts conference in August 2001

Within the framework for the Dakar follow-up, the government of China has decided to organize an E9 conference 23-24 August 2001 in Bejing. The main theme of the conference is "Distance Education and Information Technologies for Basic Education to Reach the Unreached" and will be attended by Ministers of Education of the nine high-population countries as well as education experts.

UNESCO's Director-General Ko´chiro Matsuura will attend the conference, which will also review progress in the setting up of national EFA forums and the drafting of national plans of action. UNESCO will facilitate the organization of the conference.

Contact: Wolgang Vollmann, E9 co-ordinator, UNESCO Paris

Central Africa: NGO consultation launches network on EFA

A recent consultation of more than 100 representatives of non-governmental organizations and civil society groups of Central Africa decided to establish a regional network for an education for all campaign. The consultation took place 23-24 January 2001 in Brazzaville, the Republic of Congo, and adopted a series of recommendations and an action plan for the year 2001.

The plan of action includes the organization of two subregional forums, capacity-building of NGOs and civil society groups in the subregion, support to national NGO campaign activities and the publication of a quarterly email bulletin.

The NGO consultation received financial assistance from ActionAid and UNICEF Congo.

Countries in action (in this issue: Lithuania)


During a UNESCO mission to Lithuania at the end of January 2001, the Lithuanian Minister of Education and Science, Algirdas Monkeviius, thanked the Organization for the proposed support to launch the EFA national plan of action and to assist in the establishment of a national education forum. As an initial step, it was agreed to organize a brain-storming seminar involving all EFA partners to launch the Dakar follow-up process in the country. UNESCO and UNDP will co-finance the meeting which is planned for the first half of 2001.

The Minister also expressed his interest in organizing a subregional meeting for the Baltic countries on curriculum development in collaboration with UNESCO's International Bureau of Education (IBE) in Geneva.

More information on both meetings in an upcoming issue of the Bulletin Board.

Dakar follow-up on the agenda

The third International Donors Conference will be organized 22-23 February 2001 in St. Petersburg, the Russian Federation, on the theme "International Partnerships in the Field of Education in the Russian Federation". Among the issues on the agenda of the Conference is EFA in the Russian Federation. UNESCO will be represented by Alexandre Sannikov from Headquarters.

The Global Campaign on Education is organizing a World Conference on Education, 13-16 February 2001, in New Delhi. The conference will aim at mobilizing broader support for the Global Campaign, and reviewing its progress and achievements, and agreeing on advocacy goals for the coming two years.
For more information please visit

UNESCO will lead a roundtable on 'Education for All and Development in the Least Developed Countries' to be organized in conjunction with the Third United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries (LDCIII), in Brussels, 14-20 May 2001.

Contact: Anne Muller (