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A brief road map

The World Education Forum, held in Dakar, Senegal from 26-28 April 2000, reaffirmed the leadership role of UNESCO in the Education for All movement. UNESCO acquired in Dakar not only a bolstered mandate but also a responsibility of the first order. Now the organisation has to showcase its unique profile: its capacity to mobilise both the political will of governments and the commitment of civil society.

Reorganisation of UNESCO's Secretariat

Adjustment and streamlining of Major Programme 1 (30 C/5) in accordance with the Dakar Framework for Action

Establishment of an informal technical secretariat under the ADG/ED a.i. to co-ordinate follow-up activities to the Dakar Forum, as well as of an inter-sectorial strategic group comprising ADGs, Directors of UNESCO Institutes, Directors of Divisions in the Education Sector and Directors of regional offices

Establishment of two follow-up mechanisms to serve as levers for political commitment, and for technical and financial resource mobilisation:

- a high-level informal group of some twenty to twenty-five individuals, including representatives of developing countries, of donor countries and of multilateral aid agencies

- a working group on Education for All, more technical in nature, will be responsible for discussing and supervising the implementation of the Dakar follow-up activities and will provide technical guidance for the EFA movement as a whole

Preparation of a draft action plan (covering the period August 2000 - August 2002) outlining the concrete modalities of implementing the Dakar Framework of Action

Preparation of a position paper describing how education, and, in particular, Education for All programmes can effectively contribute to poverty eradication strategies

Preparation of draft guidelines for country action have to help countries to 'get down to work' and, in particular, to establish national co-ordination committees

Establishment of an EFA Observatory, by the UIS, to monitor and report on progress in EFA

Promotion and participation at a series of inter-agency flagship programmes that respond to objectives set in Dakar (early childhood development, girl's education, literacy, education in emergencies, HIV/AIDS and education and health issues)

Design of a communications strategy

Wide dissemination of World Education Forum documents

Source: World Association of Newspapers
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