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  Paris, 15 March 2000 - This new series has been planned by Inter Press Service ahead of the World Education Forum which will take place in Dakar, Senegal, from 26 to 28 April 2000.
  Some 180 countries are participating in the April global conference to plan solutions and policies for meeting the Education for All (EFA) goals in the new century. The EFA initiative began in 1990 in Jomtien, Thailand.
  In preparation for Dakar, governments were mobilised to critically assess their achievements and identify more effective and appropriate strategies, the results of which have been presented and debated at six regional conferences between December 1999 and February 2000.
  The IPS features will focus on education themes and also the efforts of non-governmental organisations to universalise education. They will be drawn from Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, North America and The Caribbean.
  This package of ten stories is the first of five scheduled to move between March 10 and April 25. The series has received financial assistance from the International Consultative Forum on Education for All.
The following articles were featured in the first package
released on 10 March:
  (CHINA) Beijing - It should have been a cause for jubilation but it made hundreds of Chinese parents worry when the Ministry of Education announced that primary school students were not going to get homework in the coming semester.
   (TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO) Port of Spain - Continuing education -- evening classes for working people -- has undergone a huge transformation over the last decade in Trinidad and Tobago as thousands of people of all ages seek to improve their marketability.
  (EASTERN EUROPE) Berlin/Warsaw - The great upheaval in the politics and the economy of Eastern Europe over the last 10 years -- since the end of the Cold War -- has had a major impact on education, which was one of the success stories of communism.
  (MEXICO) Mexico City - At the World Education Forum to be held in Dakar in April, Mexico will share its 32 years of experience in teaching by television and its more recent advances in the use of satellites and Internet in education.
  (DEVELOPMENT) IPS World Desk - Progress in educating girls in Sub-Saharan Africa has been ''excruciatingly slow'' over the last 10 years, says an education expert from the region.
  (SWAZILAND) Mbabane - Troubled by an unemployment rate of 45 percent and devastated by a high HIV infection rate of at least 25 percent, Swaziland has decided its salvation lies in the educational advancement of its people.
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