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       Framework for action
    Online coverage
    NGO Consultation

    The EFA 2000 Assessment
     What is it?
     Why is it important?
     Who organized it
     How was it done?
     To know more
    The findings
    The regional meetings
     Sub-Saharan Africa
     Asia & the Pacific
     Arab States
     E-9 countries
     Europe & North America
     The Americas
    Press releases
    Press kit
    The global scoreboard
    Regional roundups
    The burning issues
    The big picture
    Photo corner
    Media contacts

    Latest news
    Grassroots stories
    EFA partners give their views
     Maris O.Rourke
     Angela W.Little
     Judith L. Evans
     Denise Lievesley
     Victor Ordonez
     Clinton Robinson
     O. J. Sikes
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