Third International Festival of Diversity


17-27 May 2010

Created in 2008, the International Festival of Diversity is a worldwide celebration of the 21st May as “World Day for Cultural Diversity, Dialogue and Development.” Yesterday’s world was set on its differences; today’s tends to unification. The task of our time is to bring ourselves to the realization that the unity of the human species lies in its diversity.

To highlight this fundamental character of our individual and collective identity, the practice of culture has no equal. That is why the Festival’s events are designed to enable distinctive cultural expressions to gather more closely together, giving voice and visibility to the always captivating wealth of cultural diversity.
This year’s Festival will once again entail a host of musical, artistic and intellectual events at UNESCO’s Headquarters. But its scope will be unprecedented thanks to the involvement of numerous Member States – while China organizes over forty major events  in Beijing, Canton, Shenzhen, and the Poiesis Festival of Fabiano Italian takes place in Italy, the Fes Sacred Music Festival in Morocco, the Montreal Vision Diversity Festival in Quebec, all in the framework of the International Festival of Diversity, numerous Latin American and Caribbean countries have joined together to present an exhibition underscoring the diversity that characterizes them on the occasion of the bicentennial of their independences.

The Festival does see itself as an occasion to put a premium on difference per se, but as an opportunity to understand the extent to which the identity of everyone contributes to that of all and vice-versa. Diversity does not happen between cultures, but is inherent to the very idea of culture, and as such, it is consubstantial to all cultures.

This Festival is part of the activities to be carried out throughout the 2010, International Year for the rapprochement of Cultures.