Monsignor Laurent Monsengwo Pasinya

Mgr Monsengwo p

© UNESCO/ M. Ravassard

Church leader and Congolese statesman, Monsignore Laurent Monsengwo Pasinya was ordained priest in 1963 and Bishop in 1980. Archbishop of Ksangani, in eastern Congo, since 1988, he was appointed Archbishop of Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2007. Since 2004, he is the president of the Congolese Episcopal Conference (Cenco) and since 2007, he also serves as President of “Pax Christi International.”

In 1970, Monsignore Monsengwo Pasinya was the first African to graduate from Rome’s Pontifical Biblical Institute with the title of Doctor in Biblical Sciences. He taught theology at Kinshasa’s Faculty of Theology and at the Jean XXIII Major Seminar.