Yazid Sabeg

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Doctor of Economics, he joined the Union of Arab Banks of France, a subsidiary of Credit Lyonnais. He was the youngest adviser in charge of industrial restructuration in the Cabinet of Prime Minister Raymond Barre (1976-1981). He later headed various companies in the industrial and finance sectors.

He founded Euris, an investment fund, before leading the industrial and financial company Quadral. In 1991 he was named CEO of the Compagnie des Signaux, later to become Communication et Systèmes, specialized in telecommunications, defense and transportation.

In 2004 Mr Sabeg was appointed Chairman of the Committee for Evaluation and Monitoring of the National Agency for Urban Renovation (ANRU), an agency created to revitalize sensitive neighborhoods.

He is the Founding President of the Secular Convention for Equal Rights and Participation of Muslims of France.

In 2009, he was appointed Commissioner for Diversity and Equal Opportunities by the President of the French Republic, with a mandate to establish a programme of action and accelerate the process of putting equality and diversity at the heart of public policies.