Museums & Cultural Objects
Museums and Cultural Objects


Museums are access points for knowledge about cultures and centres of education. Museums also contribute to mutual understanding and social cohesion as well as economic and human development.  A museum’s primary purpose is to safeguard and preserve heritage as a whole.

Jordan currently has 22 museums country-wide. In 2006, a preparatory needs assessment study was undertaken to evaluate the status of museum management techniques and the capacities of museum personnel.  Jordan’s wealth of cultural objects has made it a priority of the UNESCO Amman office to enhance the competencies and capacities of museum staff and to update the management methods and techniques which are currently used.

UNESCO has developed close partnerships with the Department of Antiquities and the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities to introduce enhanced management practices and museum policies which meet international standards in management, conservation and preservation, exhibitions management, merchandising and marketing. There is a particular focus now on museum education and outreach.

•    UNESCO supported the Department of Antiquities in developing a collections database to record detailed information of all museum objects.