HIV & AIDS Prevention


Building on the success of an OPEC funded project, UNESCO continues to focus on capacity building of teachers and education personnel in HIV & AIDS prevention, and implement initiatives in HIV & AIDS prevention. the UNESCO also works with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health to ensure the integration of HIV/AIDS into education at all levels consistent with the National AIDS strategy. This approach is complemented by collaboration with academic institutions in the framework of the National AIDS programme, aiming at raising awareness among secondary school teachers, educators, counselors, training of teachers and university academics on their responsibilities in the field of HIV & AIDS education.

Key partners such as Family Health International play an essential role in providing the necessary funds and technical expertise. The major actions in the biennium constitute of the following:

  • Needs Assessment Study on the Education Sector Response to HIV & AIDS. A national experts meeting is organized to validate the assessment report and an EDUCAIDS country snapshot of HIV & AIDS project will be prepared.<//span>
  • Four resource manuals in Arabic were completed: a Life Skills manual, a Resource pack for counselors, a media reporting manual and a teacher training manual and curriculum resource pack on HIV & AIDS.
  • Strengthen joint collaboration and partnership with the National AIDS Programme to conduct training workshops in FRESH Initiative, HIV & AIDS Awareness workshop with local NGOs, the national Scouts movement and media organization.
  • Completion of the study on cultural approaches to addressing HIV & AIDS (a joint initiative of the Culture and Education Sectors).

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