Eco-Hydrology and IHP


UNESCO’s scientific Eco-hydrology Programme examines the dynamic relationship between hydrological, social and ecological systems. The programme promotes new approaches to fostering the balance of human and environmental needs for water resources and supports the advancement of the integration of social,ecological and hydrological research in the development of effective policies and practices.

Eco-hydrology and phyto-technology for sustainable natural resources management are relatively new fields in Jordan. UNESCO supports the Government in generating awareness in these fields among water experts and personnel of the Ministry of Water and Irrigation.

Jordan International Hydrological Programme (IHP)

The IHP is an international intergovernmental scientific programme in water resources launched by UNESCO with the aim of promoting a water sciences programme at country level in collaboration with Ministries, concerned institutions and NGOs. The Jordan National Committee for IHP was established in 1993 and is based at the Ministry of Water and Irrigation. The committee is headed by the Minister of Water and Irrigation. The main activities of this programme are research, capacity building and awareness-raising.