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Jordan has a varied biodiversity due to its unique geographic location, which has given rise to a number of distinct ecosystems, including the Dead Sea and Jordan River basins, the Gulf of ‘Aqaba, and the Badia (desert), highlands, and freshwater (wetlands) systems. This natural biodiversity is threatened by unsustainable agricultural practices, such as extensive farming and agricultural waste, as well as urbanization, and industrial pollution.

The Dana Biosphere Reserve, is the first Jordanian UNESCO biosphere reserve. It includes a system of mountains and wadis (riverbeds in desert areas which remain dry unless it rains heavily) extending from the top of the Eastern Rift Valley to the lowlands of Wadi Araba.

UNESCO Amman undertakes research and capacity-building activities and is actively engaged in the dissemination of best practices, focusing on biosphere reserves covering large areas of land and water.