ASPnet schools worldwide celebrated Global Action Week 2010


UNESCO Associated Schools from all continents contributed to the success of the 2010 Global Action Week (19-25 April) with the theme was “Financing quality public education for all”.

ASPnet school Academia De Averroes celebrating 2010 Global Action Week, Pakistan
UNESCO/ASPnet/ A. Saqib

CubaSeveral ASPnet schools in Cuba participated in the 1GOAL: Lesson for All during the week of 26 April (annual school holidays fell during the official dates of GAW 2010).

Dominican Republic – The Dominican Republic ASPnet encouraged its schools to participate in the 1GOAL: Lesson for All, as well as to convene political representatives of the Ministries of Education and Finance, local government officials and others for debates on the theme of education. Football matches are also being organized in conjunction to the 1GOAL campaign, leading up to July 2010.  

IraqA number of events were organized throughout Iraq by UNESCO, in partnership with the Ministry of Education. UNESCO ASPnet and community learning centres in Iraq participated in the world's largest school lesson "1GOAL: Lesson for All" on 20 April. A message was broadcast from the Minister of Education on the UNESCO-supported Educational Television Channel throughout the week, and printed materials highlighting the importance of education was distributed to literacy centres and schools.

Morocco – First and second year secondary school students from Moad Bnou Jabal, an ASPnet government school in Rabat, joined the 1GOAL: Lesson for All on 20 April.

Pakistan – Academia de Averroes, an ASPnet school, worked hard to create awareness and motivation among the community regarding the importance of education for underprivileged children. Taking advantage of GAW, the school organized the following events: an essay competition about the importance of literacy and quality teachers, a poster competition about EFA, an inter-school football tournament related to 1GOAL, and a fundraising event to purchase books for underprivileged children. 

Peru – Primary and secondary students from many schools in Lima, including ten ASPnet schools, joined the Peruvian Selection of Under 17 football players at the amphitheatre of the Parque de la Muralla on 20 April to call on Peruvian authorities to ensure that education remain a priority of the government agenda. Organizers of this event included the Latin American International Movement for Leisure Activities in Science and Technology, the Municipality of Lima and the Peruvian National Commission for UNESCO.

Russia – 11 and 14 year old students at School 1289 in Moscow, an ASPnet school, participated in the 1GOAL: Lesson for All on 20 April, focusing specifically on the right to education and the challenges posed by lack of financial resources. The students then discussed proposed changes in the financing for the education system in the Russian Federation, exploring potential negative impacts.

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