CONFINTEA VI National Reports: date for submission extended by one month

The National Reports on the Development and State of the Art of Adult Learning and Education in Preparation of CONFINTEA VI will help to draw an accurate picture of the complex realities of adult learning and education and identify key issues and messages to be drawn to the attention of the International Conference.

In a message sent out to all National Commissions for UNESCO, the Director of UIL reiterated the invitation to Member States to use the preparation of national reports to create a national dialogue involving a wide range of stakeholders, including NGOs/CSOs, corporate institutions and the private sector. He underlined that this process should be steered by a representative working group or committee, and a national workshop or conference should be held to validate the findings.

In response to requests from a number of National Commissions asking for sufficient time to engage in the activities underlined above, e.g. holding a national workshop, the date for submission of the reports was extended to the end of April 2008.

Message of the Director of UIL on CONFINTEA VI National Reports in English, French, Spanish

All reports allready submitted