CONFINTEA VI’s main aim will be to draw attention to the ways in which adult learning and education relate and contribute to sustainable development in all its facets – social, economic, ecological and cultural. It will explore the issues affecting adult learning and education today, including policies, structures and financing; inclusion and participation; quality; and literacy.

The programme will consist of a series of plenary sessions (keynote addresses, presentations and roundtable discussions), commissions and workshops. The timetable for CONFINTEA VI can be downloaded as PDF.

Keynote Addresses:

  • “Living and Learning for a Viable Future: The Power ofAdult Learning”
    Speaker: Senator Maria Osmarina Marina Silva Vaz de Lima, Senado Federal, Brazil (Tuesday, 1 December)
  • “Towards Lifelong Learning”
    Speaker: Kasama Varavarn, former Secretary-General of the Basic Education Commission, Ministry of Education, Thailand (Thursday, 3 December)
  • “From Rhetoric to Action”
    Speaker: Paul Bélanger, Professor for Lifelong Learning, Université du Québec à Montréal, and President of ICAE (Friday, 4 December)

A series of Roundtables will offer participants the opportunity to attend moderated discussions with a range of highlevel panellists and respondents from Member States, most of them ministers. These sessions will focus on the following key issues:

  • Policies and Governance for Adult Education
  • Financing of Adult Education
  • Literacy as a Key Competence for Lifelong Learning
  • Assuring Quality of Adult Education and Assessing Learning Outcomes
  • The Way Forward

A special session will be held on “Inclusion and Participation in and through Adult Education”.

The Commission will be open to all delegations. Its role will be to carry out discussions and reach agreements on pending issues and recommendations based on the draft outcome document. The Commission’s proposals will then be submitted to the Drafting Committee for consideration.

Apart from these statutory elements, workshops will be held by UN agencies, NGOs and international organisations. Their aim is fourfold: to highlight implementation mechanisms and achievements in ALE; to facilitate the exchange of best practices; to debate potential strategies; and to develop recommendations that may be embedded in the conference outcome document. The themes of the workshops reflect the key issues of the Conference.

The main working documents for CONFINTEA VI are available in the download section, including the Annotated Agenda and the preliminary draft of the Belém Framework for Action. All official documents will be circulated to all delegations prior to the conference.