Confronting Global Challenges

Josephine Ouédraogo (Photo: CONFINTEA VI/MEC)

In the opening talks of the Plenary lecture “Confronting Global Challenges”, the executive secretary of the international organisation Enda Tiers Monde, Burkina Faso, Josephine Ouédraogo, said that various examples in Latin American invite us to innovate in educational policies.  Discussions took place during the Sixth International Conference on Adult Education and were held on Wednesday, 2 December 2009.

According to the African leader, we have witnessed a historic crisis that has had tragic expression on many fronts: the economy, the environment, culture and food.  “And for this reason, we cannot deceive ourselves by confusing cause and effect.  The main origin of these problems is the current world economic system, which works against people and nature.”

In this context, education could help in human and economic development.  In Josephine’s opinion, however, the results, even with a huge effort, are still small when faced with the current model.

For her, conferences like this one demonstrate that it is possible to make advances, forge allegiances and also win over governments by proposing new models of development and education which can train citizens to be proactive in their own lives and contribute to social and collective change.

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