Electronic versions of working documents for CONFINTEA VI

The electronic versions of working and information documents for the 6th International Conference on Adult Education (CONFINTEA VI) are now available in the download section.

These documents comprise:

I. Working documents (available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Spanish and Russian):

CONFINTEA VI/1: Revised Provisional Agenda
CONFINTEA VI/2 prov.: Draft amendments to the Rules of Procedure of the International Conference on Adult Education
CONFINTEA VI/3: Annotated Agenda
CONFINTEA VI/4: Preliminary Draft Belém Framework for Action

II. Information documents (available in English, French and Spanish):

CONFINTEA VI/Inf. 1: General Information Note
CONFINTEA VI/Inf. 2: Timetable
CONFINTEA VI/Inf. 3: Guidelines for Organizing the Work of the Conference
CONFINTEA VI/Inf. 4 Rev.: Revised provisional list of documents for CONFINTEA VI