Finnish-Russian CONFINTEA VI follow-up activity

A six-day CONFINTEA follow-up meeting was held in Finland from 12 to 17 August 2010, involving 44 practitioners and policy-makers from the Russian Federation and its neighbouring countries Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Armenia. The participants of the meeting, which was entitled "Lifelong Learning after CONFINTEA VI", discussed in detail the proceedings of the conference and the implications of the Belém Framework for Action. They analysed the changes and the progress since CONFINTEA V in Europe, particularly  in the countries represented, as well as possible ways of following up the recommendations of Belém, giving special attention to literacy, governance, financing and quality assurance. The event was initiated and organised by the Västra Nylands Folk High School in Karjaa, Finland, in cooperation with the Institute of Adult Education of the Russian Academy of Education in St Petersburg.

Contact: Mr Radu Szekely (radu.szekely(at)vnf.fi)