Online consultation on monitoring the implementation of the Belém Framework for Action

The Belém Framework for Action, adopted by 144 countries at the Sixth International Conference on Adult Education (CONFINTEA VI), elaborates recommendations to improve policy, governance, financing, participation and the quality of adult literacy and adult education in the framework of lifelong learning.

As mandated in the Belém Framework, the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL), in partnership with the UNESCO Institute of Statistics (UIS), will coordinate the monitoring process at the global level to take stock and report periodically on progress in adult literacy and adult education. Conscious of the fact that to be successful this global monitoring process requires consultation with key stakeholders including representatives from governments, civil society and experts, UIL is organizing an online consultation forum from 29 October to 18 November 2010.

One year after CONFINTEA VI, UIL invites interested stakeholders, partners and experts to take part in this collective consultation on issues related to the design, feasibility and procedures of monitoring the implementation of the Belém Framework for Action.

If you would like to join the online consultation forum, please contact UIL by sending your name, the name of your institution, country and email address to: confintea6(at)unesco.org. You will then receive more information, relevant documents and details on how to participate in this online forum.