Outcome documents of all regional preparatory conferences available online

The outcome documents of the five CONFINTEA VI regional conferences are now available online. These documents are a record of the resolutions adopted by the respective regional conference (Africa; Arab States; Asia and the Pacific; Europe, North America and Israel; Latin America and the Caribbean). They summarise the specific contexts and issues for adult learning and education in each region. They give pointers to future action at regional level, and propose recommendations to be taken forward to CONFINTEA VI.

While each document responds to the situations and needs of each region, there is a unity of purpose throughout, clearly recognising the role that adult learning and education has to play in agendas for sustainable development, citizenship, rights and equalities, work, poverty reduction, community development and social justice among others.

The documents are initially published in English, and translations into French and Spanish are being prepared. These will be uploaded as soon as they become available.

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