Regional CONFINTEA VI Follow-up Meeting in Latin America and the Caribbean

Entitled “From Commitment to Action: Taking the CONFINTEA Agenda Forward”, the first regional CONFINTEA VI Follow-up Meeting  will take place from 25 to 27 May 2011 in Mexico City, for the Latin America and Caribbean region. The CONFINTEA agenda is to develop adult literacy and adult education within a lifelong learning perspective. The Belém Framework for Action, the outcome document of the Sixth International Conference on Adult Education (CONFINTEA VI), includes mechanisms for UNESCO Member States to collect data and report on progress and challenges, and a mandate to UNESCO to coordinate the “monitoring process at the global level to take stock and report periodically on progress in adult learning and education”.  As part of UNESCO’s overall monitoring strategy a set of monitoring priorities has been developed and produced in the form of a matrix. This matrix serves as a pragmatic tool to guide the CONFINTEA VI follow-up in the region, with indicative targets and time-frames.

The Meeting is hosted and generously supported by the Government of Mexico, which is also a member of the CONFINTEA Advisory Group. Jointly organized by the National Institute for Adult Education (INEA) in Mexico, the UNESCO Regional Office in Santiago de Chile, the UNESCO Office in Mexico City and UIL, the Meeting’s main objective is to generate action points for the regional implementation and monitoring of the Belém Framework for Action recommendations. Another objective is to share and review concrete steps and successful initiatives in policy, governance, financing, participation and quality in adult literacy, adult education and lifelong learning that have been introduced in response to the Belém Framework for Action. The Meeting will also analyse enabling factors in implementing sector-wide youth and adult education policies and programmes developed within a lifelong learning perspective.

Immediately after the Follow-up Meeting, the CONFINTEA Advisory Group will convene its second meeting on 28 May 2011, which is also hosted by Mexico. The Advisory Group will review the CONFINTEA VI follow-up process since its first meeting in March 2010; provide guidance on monitoring the implementation of the Belém Framework for Action; and help prepare the first post-CONFINTEA VI national reporting, due at the end of 2011. The CONFINTEA Advisory Group is composed of representatives of UNESCO Member States and key international stakeholders.