Third Meeting of the CONFINTEA VI Consultative Group (UIL, 18-20 June, 2008)

The CONFINTEA VI Consultative Group serves as an advisory committee to give guidance on a wide range of aspects concerning the preparation of CONFINTEA VI. Its members represent UNESCO Member States, UN Agencies, development agencies, inter-governmental bodies, international or regional non-governmental organizations, academics, the CONFINTEA VI host country and UNESCO (Headquarters, Regional Bureaux and UIL). Reports of the first two meetings, which took place in March and November 2007, are available here (please click on the month for respective report).


The objective of the third meeting was to review overall progress in the preparations for CONFINTEA VI. In particular, the meeting was devoted to assessing and providing advice on the different strands of the CONFINTEA VI reporting process, namely: the number and quality of national reports, the sources and production of the five regional synthesis reports, and the structure and methodology of the Global Report on Adult Learning and Education (GRALE). The second major concern of the meeting was to further and enrich the programmes of the CONFINTEA VI Regional Preparatory Conferences, while also looking into the preliminary programme elements of the CONFINTEA VI global conference.


Contact: Bettina Bochynek

Report of the first meeting in March 2007
Report of the second meeting in November 2007