Towards CONFINTEA VI: Preparing the National Assessment on the Development and State of the Art of Adult Learning and Education

As reiterated in a letter to National Commissions sent out by the Director-General of UNESCO last November, UNESCO Member States are asked to prepare national reports on the situation of adult learning and education and salient developments since 1997, the date of the previous CONFINTEA V, in preparation of the 6th International Conference on Adult Education (CONFINTEA VI).

The national reports will constitute a major input for the International Conference itself to be held in May 2009 in Brazil and for the Regional Preparatory Conferences to be held in 2008. They will also supply critical data for a Global Report on Adult Learning and Education under preparation. Assessing the state of the art of adult learning and education in countries will also provide an excellent opportunity to assess the progress of the national EFA agendas pertaining to literacy, adult learning and non-formal education.

To facilitate the preparation of these reports, UIL composed a set of guidelines which were finalized with the expertise and advice of the CONFINTEA VI Consultative Group during its November session at UIL. The guidelines were sent out to UNESCO Member States (National Commissions and Permanent Delegations) in Mid-December, and subsequently distributed to the members of the International Council of Adult Education. The deadline for submission of the reports to UIL is the end of March 2008.

Contact: Werner Mauch

Additional Information:

All reports allready submitted

Guidelines for the Preparation of National Reports on the Situation of Adult Education and Learning (ALE) in English , French, and Spanish

Letter of the UNESCO Director General to National Commissions (15 November, 2007) in English, French and Spanish