International Fund for Cultural Diversity


Contributions Received

The International Fund for Cultural Diversity is a voluntary multi-donor Fund established to promote cooperation for sustainable development and poverty reduction with a view to fostering the emergence of a dynamic cultural sector in developing countries.

Resources for the Fund are derived from voluntary contributions received from States Parties as well as from other States, regional/international organizations, public/private organizations or private persons.

When the Conference of Parties adopted the Guidelines on the use of the resources of the Fund, it recommended that the Parties make annual contributions to the Fund equal to at least one per cent of their country’s contribution to UNESCO’s budget.  In addition, the Guidelines state that public development aid which is not tied may be used to finance the activities of the Fund for projects and programmes decided by the Committee.

As of 15 March 2010, total contributions to the Fund equaled USD 2 391 489,52

A breakdown of contributions received is provided below.

Download a full overview of contributions to the Fund (PDF)

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