International Fund for Cultural Diversity


What is the Fund for Cultural Diversity (IFCD)?

The International Fund for Cultural Diversity (IFCD) is a multi-donor Fund established under Article 18 of the 2005 Convention. Guidelines on the use of the resources of the Fund were adopted by the Conference of Parties in June 2009. This marked the beginning of the 36 month Pilot Phase for the Fund.

The purpose of the Fund is to promote sustainable development and poverty reduction in developing countries that are Parties to the Convention. It does this through support for projects and activities that aim to foster the emergence of a dynamic cultural sector.

Through an annual application process, funds will be provided for:

1.  Programmes/projects that are designed to:

  • facilitate the introduction of cultural policies that protect and promote the diversity of cultural expressions and, where appropriate, strengthen the corresponding institutional infrastructure;

  • provide capacity-building opportunities;

  • strengthen existing cultural industries;

  • foster the emergence of new cultural industries;

  • protect cultural expressions at risk of extinction, under threat, or in need of urgent safeguarding.

2.  Preparatory assistance activities that help to identify the special needs of developing countries that are Parties to the Convention and to assist them when preparing their requests for funding. This may include, for example, engaging in stakeholder consultations, undertaking a mapping exercise, research study and/or situational analysis.

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