Historia General de América Latina - Volumen VIII: América Latina desde 1930


This volume of the General History of Latin America (Vol. VIII - Latin America since 1930) is published within the framework of the Multiple History series.

In little more than seventy years, from 1930 to the present time, the transformations and attempts of reform experienced in Latin America have been of such magnitude and such reach that is not exaggerated to affirm that it is impossible to understand them fully without a detailed study of principles and causes.

Events within the region like the birth of agrarian movements, the intense electoral life in spite of the presence of dictatorial regimes, the different populist movements, the indigenist currents, the Theology of the Liberation or the remarkable importance of literature and the plastic arts have marked the XXth century in Latin America.

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Author(s): UNESCO 
Publication Date: 28-03-2008