• United Nations agencies, intergovernmental bodies, and institutions both at regional and national level are an essential part of UNESCO’s network in the field of languages and multilingualism.
  • Language is a quintessential element of culture but also a tool for communication and social interaction. Civil society is at the heart of UNESCO multi-stakeholder partnerships strategy in the field of languages and multilingualism.
  • UNESCO’s partnership network includes Associated Schools and University Chairs and specialized institutes, particularly in the field of research, monitoring and policy development.

Culture Sector
Endangered Languages: Discovery Communications Inc., and UNO / Editors and contributors for the 2009 edition / Websites and online references
Translation and Multilingual Publishing:Translators / Publishers / Scholars Network / National Libraries / Institutes - Schools / Experts

Education Sector
Mother-tongue based multilingual education in formal and non-formal settings  

Natural Sciences Sector
Local and Indigenous Knowledge (LINKS)

Social and Human Sciences Sector

Governing Bodies / International Coalitions / UNESCO Chairs and Networks