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Higher Education and Global Challenges


Ten years after the first World Conference on Higher Education in 1998, participants at the 2009 Conference will reaffirm the role of higher education in meeting global challenges- from poverty eradication to sustainable development to Education for All - while renewing their commitment to improving access, quality and gender equity.

A global platform for innovative thinking, the 2009 World Conference on Higher Education will review progress, address emerging new dynamics and their policy implications, and recommend concrete actions to meet national development objectives and individual aspirations.

The Conference will examine the role of Higher Education in addressing major global challenges: Sustainable Development, Education for All and Poverty Eradication. Some of the questions it will address are:

- To what extent does higher education drive sustainable development in the national and international context?

- Does the sector meet expectations to induce change and progress as well as building knowledge-based societies?

- How does higher education contribute to the development of the education system as a whole? 

- What are the most significant trends that will shape new higher education and research spaces? 

- How are learners and learning changing? 

- What are the new challenges for quality and equity?