Special Focus: Africa


"Promoting Excellence To Accelerate Africa’s Development: Towards An African Higher Education and Research Area" is the full title of the special focus of the Conference. A round table in plenary will focus on the revitalization of higher education in Africa.

While enrolment has risen faster in Africa than elsewhere – by some 66% since 1999 the number of students entering higher education in 2005 stood at just 5%. This constitutes a serious brake on efforts to eradicate poverty and weakens the capacity of African countries to lead development and institute reforms.

The Second Decade of Education for Africa, which runs from 2006 to 2015, places strong emphasis on higher education. A Task Force of major stakeholders is thus in place to prepare for this Conference session and identify priorities for action on the continent.


Documents produced by the UNESCO - ADEA Task Force for Higher Education in Africa:


Draft of Strategic Orientations for Higher Education in Africa