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Learning, research and innovation


In order to be sustainable and serve the needs of knowledge societies in the era of globalization, the linkage between learning, research and innovation within Higher Education systems is key.

Issues under discussion include:

-  the need for Higher Education institutions with different degrees of research-intensiveness and different types of research;

-  the most adequate level of human and financial resources needed for poles of excellence to emerge;

-  the relevance of research/innovation to the concrete needs of countries and regions.

This thematic track will also look at the issue of "elite universities," the importance of having different types and levels of Higher Education institutions (polytechnics, colleges, short professional Higher Education courses) and of pathways allowing learners to choose an itinerary suited to their needs.

The WCHE 2009 workshop sessions will address:

-  the tension between open access and processes aimed at encouraging the emergence of itineraries and poles of superior quality throughout the whole education and research system;

- the cooperative models (e.g. open educational resources) and initiatives that could allow certain Higher Education institutions and countries to "catch up";

- the need for funding mechanisms that enable the emergence of excellence without weakening the broad educational base on which it hinges; the new governance and management patterns required for the development of knowledge-intensive groups, institutions and systems.