Burkina Faso

UNESCO Chair in biotechnology (50), established in 1997 at the University of Ouagadougou, (Burkina Faso).


Biotechnology; Industrial microbiology; Biochemistry.


  • To promote and encourage national initiatives, to determine the orientations and the objectives of research in the field of biochemistry and biotechnology.
  • To introduce biotechnology into the curricula by the creation of programmes of specialization on the matter.

Host Institution

UNESCO Sector/Office responsible for the Chair/Network

Natural Sciences


Prof. Alfred S. Traoré, Centre de recherche en sciences biologiques et alimentaires, Faculté des sciences et techniques, Université de Ouagadougou
UNESCO Chairholder, UNESCO Chair in biotechnology
E-Mail address - astraore@univ-ouaga.bf
Work Phone - 226 30 7064/65
Fax - 226 30 72 42/33 7373
Street - B. P. 7021
City - Ouagadougou
Country - Burkina Faso