UNESCO Chair in Alternative Energy (943), established in 2011 at Kwara State University (Nigeria)


Biogas digestion and solid waste to energy, solar energy, wind energy, biomass briquettes, bio fuel and floating wind farm.


The specific objectives of this Chair are to:

  • develop resources for harnessing alternative energy by training and educating the general public on sources and means of meeting energy requirements for industrial and man power development;
  • provide clear direction on applicable and functional alternative energy to Governmental agencies, which will help them in their policy formulation;
  • reduce CO2 emission through non – use of fossil fuel for energy generation, enhance new industry growth resulting in job creation and reduction in social ills; and,
  • develop the essential energy required for rural small scale industries, which can support agricultural development of this segment of the country.

Host Institution

Kwara State University (Nigeria)

UNESCO Sector/Office responsible for the Chair/Network

Natural Sciences; UNESCO Offices in Brazzaville and Abuja


Prof. Martiale Gaetan Zebaze Kana, UNESCO Chairholder

Kwara State University, Malete

P.M.B 1530

Ilorin. Kwara State



E-mail: zebaze(at)