UNESCO Chair in cultural policies for development (454), established in 1999 at the Régional Center of Cultural Action, CRAC (Togo).


Women, culture and development; Culture, environment and quality of life; Multi-media and cultural diffusion; Culture of peace; Culture and tourism.


  • To enhance capacity building in the following fields : cultural policy and cultural management, cultural co-operation and regional integration, interdisciplinary research on cultural policies for development, including the interactions between culture and development.
  • In Africa, at the regional level, to promote training, research, information and documentation activities, focusing mainly on cultural policies and development, cultural research and statistics, cultural economics, legislation concerning culture, administration and management in arts and culture, etc.
  • To act as a platform to foster dialogue between all the relevant actors and institutions concerned with the development and execution of cultural policy and cultural management.
  • Its activities will also relate to the relations between culture and development, in particular culture with education, health, environment, poverty and food, rural development, human rights and democracy, and conflicts management.
  • The Chair will promote  the cultural approach of development and dialogue among the concerned stakeholders (State, local and regional authorities, economists and planners, artists, organizers, tourist offices, associations, ONG, etc.) for the definition of cultural policies.
  • In particular, the Chair shall sensitize public opinion, experts, and decision-makers to the most appropriate methods of formulating, planning, implementing and evaluating cultural policies, strategies, programmes and projects, taking as a starting point the principles and objectives of the plan of action of Stockholm.

Host Institution

  • Regional Center of Cultural Action (CRAC).

UNESCO Sector/Office responsible for the Chair/Network



Prof Kodjona Kadanga, Centre régional d'action culturelle (CRAC)
Directeur, Responsable de la Chaire UNESCO
E-Mail address - crac_2003(at)
Work Phone - +(228) 222-44-33
Fax - +(228) 220-72-45
Street - B. P. 3253
City - Lomé
Country - Togo